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Petals + Butters Turmeric + Herbs Face Mask

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Showering with Ubtan is an age old tradition and still practiced in India. It is ancient wisdom that babies, when bathed with Ubtan for at least first three months shall be free from unwanted hair. My mum would massage me with sesame oil every weekend growing up and rub me up with ubtan like you'd clean a fish. Though I hated it then, thanks to my mom, I have never had to wax my hands once in my life (Legs are another story. I 'd run away by the time she'd be done rubbing my hands so I think I brought it upon me). This is because of an ingredient, that is part of the family recipe that deters and minimizes hair growth while enhancing your complexion and clarity of skin. (Sometimes, I get requests for ubtan that does have this ingredient for boy babies and I make it accordingly :)

Ubtan is especially everyone's favorite for its acne removing properties and its ability to gradually heal and fade post acne scars. Uneven skin tone because of sun tan also can be removed using ubtan as soon as you get out of sun by mixing Ubtan with milk or yogurt and applying it as a mask!

I make Ubtan using my grandmother's hereditary family recipe ! The base of this powder is green gram powder, chick pea flour and turmeric powder that is mixed with rice flour .It is also combined with the goodness of crushed rose petals, mung beans, baavarcha, kachura, vettiver, sandalwood, neem, sun-dried lemon/orange peel which are fresh, sun dried natural roots, leaves and herbs. Ubtan nourishes the skin and has an earthy scent.

All the ingredients are obtained from the villages of India and sun dried & grinded personally with love and packaged with care.
Ubtan is safe to use for babies and adults alike, even those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Directions for use as bath powder:

Mix 1-2 Tbsp of Ubtan with a little water to make a thin paste. Rub the paste into your skin and rinse with water. (For best results , Rub the paste into your skin and let it air-dry for a couple minutes before rinsing)

You shall see that the skin is so soft and supple and NOT DRY unlike using soap.

Directions for use as face mask:

Mix 1-2 Tbsp of Ubtan with yogurt or milk or any hydrosol to make a thin paste. Apply it on your face and neck and let it dry for 20 mins and wash away with lukewarm water. Continuous use of this face mask brightens your skin and improves its clarity and clears away the acne blemishes.

You can also mix Ubtan with milk & a tea spoon of honey for dry skin OR yogurt and a tea spoon of fresh lime juice or oily skin and use as face mask.

Ubtan can be used regularly as a bath power. It should be used atleast 3-4 times a week as face mask in order to reap good benefits and for any natural product, consistency is the key to see the results.

Ubtan, as all the other products, is made in small, fresh batches to preserve it's freshness as it finds its way into your hands.