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Petals + Butters Conditioning Hair Oil

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Conditioning Hair Oil

This oil is pure coconut oil infused for weeks in so many herbs and botanicals most of which are homegrown or bought from small farmers in South Indian villages.

Most important herbs used in the infusion are neem, Murraya Koenigii(CURRY LEAVES), amla and eucalyptus. Other herbs and ingredients include camphor, malkangani oil, sargava oil, brahmi, kachora, bawachi, , neem rose, walla, lemongrass, mirban + khakan oil , sarisa oil (all herbs are native to india) and lots of good thoughts.

Directions to use:

Apply the oil liberally to your scalp with your finger tips and massage well. Also apply the oil generously to the rest of your hair and tips. Leave the oil on overnight or atleast for an hour. Then wash away with a mild, natural shampoo. If you never oiled your hair before, you will notice the striking effect of the conditioning oil right on the first use itself. Continue using natural products for few months to actually reap the best results as nature takes time to heal and grow.

The oil comes packaged in a beautiful and eco friendly 4oz glass bottle that can be reused.
Note: Due to the nature of oil and infusion of herbs, the oil may freeze below room temperature. Remove the cap and microwave in for few seconds to melt the oil or put the glass bottle in a bowl of warm water.

Uses & Benefits:
This oil helps nourish the hair and scalp that is often over exposed to chemical elements and harsh products and heat. The oil is supposed to cool the scalp and help soothe itchiness and diminish flakiness of the scalp. It also slowly restores the natural gloss into heat and chemical damaged hair and prevents hair fall. This coupled with good healthy food helps hair grow stronger and with luster.