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Petals + Butters Cleansing Grains

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Herbal Cleansing Grains

These are amazing and natural cleansing grains, that contain just dried herbs and roots, most of which are from plants native to India. The dried botanicals are grounded to fine powder and bottled up for ease of use.


Set a positive intention + Either mix some grains with water to make a thin paste or sprinkle some grains in your palm while in the shower and scrub away. Make sure the skin is damp so the grains can glide smoothly. It cleanses so well without sucking out all our body's natural oils and leaves the skin clean and moist and nourished.

It especially avoids that white scaly-ness the skin shows in winter months when a bar soap or body wash is used.


Vettiver root
Chick Pea flour
Lemon Peel
Orange Peel
Rose Petals
Rice flour
Mung Bean flour

Unwind and relax and invite peace, gentleness and kindness!