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Petals + Butters Cleansing Balm

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Cleansing Balm

This is my forever go to facial cleanser. Free of preservatives, alcohol, colors, synthetic fragrances, it is the purest form of cleanser that has kept my face clean for decades. It smells like a little slice of tropical paradise and cleans like a goddess, leaving your face shining like a delicate piece of silk.

You do not have to waste anymore cotton pads and generate so much thrash nor burn your skin with harsh alcoholic make up removers. This ever soothing and gentle balm removes even the most stubborn eye makeup in a swipe and hydrates and moisturizes your skin like the purest thing there is.

↟organic + raw shea butter ↟ organic olive oil ↟ organic coconut oil ↟ organic beeswax ↟ organic geranium essential oil ↟ organic cedarwood essential oil ↟ emulsifying wax ↟ backyard's wild roses for infusing all the oils with ↟ lots of care and love and good vibes

Night Time:
Set a positive intention + Take a little , pea sized balm and massage dry skin in circular motions until the balm completely melts into your skin and loosens up the make up and dirt. Enjoy the gentle whiff of cedarwood and geranium that make your heart flutter with bliss and serenity. Wipe away gently with a warm and damp wash cloth. Follow up with a moisturizer.

This balm also can be used as a luxurious night time face cream.

Day Time:
When using during the day time, if you feel it is a bit too oily, wash with ubtan or any mild cleanser.

Unwind and relax and invite peace, gentleness and kindness!