Mini Pink Vagina (Frame)

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[Bodies Adapt] 

3″ w x 5″h – Pink Vagina Paper Art – Hand Cut Layered Paper Art – Framed

This pink layered vagina paper art encourages self love and positive thinking. Made to celebrate our bodies and spread love through gay, lesbian and queer pride. This pink vulva art brings the beauty of biology and science into your home. Hand cut glitter paper layers together to create a three dimensional abstract representation of a vagina. Intricate organic cuts mimic the layers of detail within the cells of our bodies. Give the gift of anatomic vulva art to a gynecologist, nurse, medical student or doctor friend.

All work is hand cut and anatomically inspired by Hannah Chertock. Designed to celebrate our bodies resilience. Hannah’s work aims to heighten awareness of medical technology’s role in maintaining our quality of life, and remind us to appreciate our bodies for the work they do behind the scenes to keep us moving. Glitter and metallic papers are used in conjunction with organic cuts to represent medical technology’s role in manipulating our bodies.