JKM Soy Candles- Harry Potter

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[JKM] The Classic Collection is simple and clean, featuring a timeless black & white style with fun & unique scents that are anything but average.

Apothecary in the Alley smells like absinthe, orange, cloves, & fig.

Broomstick Match smells like fresh cut grass.
Buttery Brew smells like butterscotches & buttered rum.

Cauldron Cake smells like sweet confectionaries & buttercream frosting.

Defense Against the Dark Arts smells like teakwood, patchouli, cardamom, & vetiver.

Divinations Class smells like tea leaves, cinnamon, & incense.

Expecto Patronum smells like grapefruit & mint.

Firewhiskey smells like cinnamon & whiskey.

Fizzing Whizbees smells like fizzy candies.

The Forbidden Forest smells like juniper berries, cedar, pine needles, & spices.

Gamekeeper's Hut smells like bourbon, tobacco, & cedar.

The Hat That Sorts smells like leather & patchouli.
Headmaster’s Office smells like parchment & fireplace.

Herbology Class smells like basil, sage, thyme, & rosemary.

House of the Brave & Daring smells like aldehydic, pine, cloves, redwood, & cedar.

House of the Cunning & Ambitious smells like pipe tobacco, musk, & spice.

House of the Intelligent & Clever smells like leather armchairs, old books, & a fire in the hearth.

House of the Loyal & Kind smells like vanilla, chai, & lemon scones.

Luna smells like cotton candy, raspberries, & watermelon candy.

Mrs. Weasley's Kitchen smells like cardamom raisin cookies fresh out of the oven.

Patronus Charm smells like lemon and eucalyptus.

Potion No. 9 3/4 smells like blackberry fizzy effervescence. 

Potions Class smells like sour green apples.

Pumpkin Pasties smells like cinnamon, sugar, & sweet pumpkin filling.

Room of Requirement smells like dragon's blood incense.

The Whomping Willow smells like greenery, bark, & light florals.

Yule Balls smells like warm cider, cranberries, & oranges.

The 9oz jar holds 8oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 45 - 65 hour burn time.