JKM Soy Candles- Wanderlust

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wan* der* lust (n.)

a deep, uncurable longing or desire to travel and explore the world and to understand one's very existence.


Each scent in the Wanderlust Collection is inspired by a different location (and features that location’s coordinates) and is meant to ignite your own desire to wander & explore all the amazing places this world has to offer. Adventure is calling!


The Wanderlust Collection is available in gold travel tins (to take on your own adventures) as well as our standard size 9oz jar (to light at home while you dream about your next travel plans). 


The stars over the mountain-tops on the wraparound label will become more vibrant as the candle burns down, and the glowing flame can be seen through the stars!  This candle features a wooden wick that crackles lightly when it burns for added ambiance.