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Aromi Hipster Solid Perfume

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Hipster is a fruity, earthy scent that is a rich, vibrant blend of patchouli, vanilla, caramel, peach, apricot, passion fruit, mandarin, honey, and bergamot formulated for an independent, creative soul known as a hipster.

Can be used as a cuticle cream, hand salve, or skin moisturizer, or a hair balm. Solid perfumes are great for a purse, clutch, gym bag, and work perfectly for traveling as it is not a liquid.

To apply, swirl fingers in perfume and apply directly to wrist, neck, or skin. Continue application until desired fragrance level is achieved.

Ingredients: Candelilla Wax | Parfum | Carnauba Wax | Castor Oil | Olive Oil | Jojoba Seed Oil | Hydrogenated Castor Oil | Lauryl Laurate | Cetearyl Alcohol

0.5 ounces

*Please note that there is no honey added to this fragrance!  Honey is used in the fragrance profile or fragrance description, but honey is not used in the hipster perfume!

Maker: Aromi