Ice + Dust Pottery

I work full time as a graphic designer, but in 2017, I rekindled my love for ceramics and started a side hustle called Ice + Dust Pottery. At the beginning I was only able to create work while my son was napping, but as he has grown, so has my business. I now balance my busy life as a mom with two creative careers, and I look forward to someday being able to welcome the rest of my family into my pottery company and make it a true family business. My son, Quinn, is six now, and he is already enjoying learning to make pottery and loves to make instructional pottery videos for our instagram account — even though he still has a lot to learn.

While it's not easy to balance two careers with a family, it is extremely important to me. After having my son, I struggled with my new identity as a mother. It felt like all of my time suddenly went toward nurturing my career as a designer and my young son, and there was no time or energy left for myself. As crazy as it sounds, I decided that the solution to this lack of time was to take on more, and Ice + Dust Pottery became an exercise in committing to self care. Through everything I do, I hope to inspire other women — especially mothers — to not put themselves in the back seat of their lives and to pursue their passions.